Rich Swann Says He Wants Moose’s TNA World Championship [Exclusive]

Ahead of his IMPACT World Championship defence at Sacrifice, Rich Swann has revealed he’d love for his challenger, Moose, to hold up his end of the bargain by putting the TNA World Championship on the line too.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Swann opened up about how Moose is the man with everything to gain, hinting that the TNA World Champion isn’t living up to the name of the pay-per-view by putting his own title on the line.

“So, officially, right now, the IMPACT Championship is the only championship on the line in our match so Moose, right now, is the only person that has something to gain. If he wins the IMPACT World Championship, he would have that clear, set and straight to unify. Right now, I don’t have the opportunity.

“Would I like the opportunity at Moose’s Championship since he claims to be the World Champion? I would. But right now, for Sacrifice, the only thing set is my IMPACT World Championship. But if Moose is the world champion he says he is, he would have no problem putting that championship on the line.”

With regards to whether Rich Swann would aim to unify the titles or would carry both around if he gets his way and wins the encounter, the current IMPACT World Champion said it would be an “honour” to carry on the lineage of both titles.

“To answer your question, I’d walk around with both of those championships with my head held high, you know what I’m saying? That world championship that Moose carries today, it has a very, very strong lineage, a great history and to have my name a part of that championship officially – it would be an honour.”

Meanwhile, Swann did have some kind words for his future foe, who stepped in to team with Swann against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers at Hard To Kill.

“You know, for months, almost a year, he had been walking around with the TNA World Championship, claiming to be the world champion, just like Kenny Omega when he stepped in and claimed to be the real world champion. Moose had already been doing that but what I will say is – throughout his time in this persona, he has been successful and then when it came around, at Hard To Kill and the unfortunate circumstance of Alex Shelley not being able to make it. I would have chose Willie Mack, but Moose injured Willie Mack.”

Swann went on to say he’d have a “mountain to climb” at Sacrifice if he’s to keep his title and, if Moose rises to the challenge, add more gold to his collection!

“At the same time, who would you rather have? Moose is almost seven feet tall. He’s 250 pounds of straight, solid steel. And now, since the TNA World Championship is official, he IS a world champion and, that night, not only did he put himself on the map even more than he already is, the man made himself a star. People can say what they want about Moose, about his actions, myself included but I can’t take anything away from him and, come March 13th, I know, at Sacrifice. I’m going to have a mountain to climb.”

You can check out our full interview with Rich Swann here.

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