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Rich Swann Says Eric Young Has Lost His Sanity, Young Responds [Exclusive]

Eric Young vs Rich Swann - Bound For Glory

At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory, Eric Young defends his IMPACT World Championship against the man he almost forced into retirement – Rich Swann.

Ahead of their colossal clash, Inside The Ropes had the pleasure of chatting with both men on the returning IMPACT Press Pass, where I had to take the opportunity to ask both men about the time they’ve been given at IMPACT in order to tell an engaging storyline and show the world why they’re both main event stars.

You can read the entire transcript below, or watch the Press Pass in full here.

Gary CassidyInside The Ropes:
“You guys have both spent quite a long time not being in the title picture anywhere and not getting the opportunity that you guys should definitely be getting, which you are showing us why over the programming we’ve seen recently. I need to ask, you’re getting the time to tell that engaging story that has gone from Slammiversary all the way to Bound For Glory. Two of the biggest events of the wrestling calendar. Why is IMPACT place for you guys to be able to tell that story, and how much pressure is there on you to put on a brilliant main event at Bound For Glory?”

Rich Swann: “You know, it’s just the fact that IMPACT Wrestling, for years, has always had a different drive, it’s always had the most athletic competitors, Eric Young being one of them. He is a person that, in my young wrestling career, I watched. Being in the main event of BFG… Eric, let me just get to what you said before, talking about, ‘Oh, I’m going to be able to dastardly things.’

“The only thing that you have done is shown that you are a coward. You have attacked me from behind. You have put my leg in chairs and stomped it, and let me tell you something, Eric, guess what I have over you? A victory.

“There’s a smile on my face, boy. That made you lose your sanity. That made you go a little crazy. Made you a maniac, right?”

Eric Young: “Is this your attempt at mind games with me, Rich? I don’t play games. I’m not a coward. I’ve never been afraid of anything or anyone in my life.

“The form that I’ve taken, the place that I am in right now, I won’t be deterred, I won’t be confused, I won’t be turned off of the goal. Like Gary said, this is a big deal. This is a big deal for you and it’s a big deal for me. IMPACT is the number one professional wrestling show in the world. I am a professional wrestler. You are a professional wrestler. When it comes to BFG, we are going to make history. There’s not a single doubt in my mind.

“I can see that you’re passionate about it, I can see that you’ve convinced yourself that you have the ability to be there. You have the ability to last, you have the ability to swim in the deep water but, Rich, this is going to be different. You can talk about your struggles in life and your struggles in your career. The reality is, I don’t give a damn about any of that. I care about one thing and that is the world title, and the power at IMPACT Wrestling.

“IMPACT Wrestling is the best pro wrestling promotion. I am the greatest pro wrestler today. World Class Maniac, World-class professional wrestler. World-class man. World-class champion.”

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