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“We Thought It Was A Joke” – Ricardo Rodriguez On Being Bret Hart’s Final Match

Bret Hart

Ricardo Rodriguez has discussed his feelings on being part of Bret Hart’s last ever match. Best known as Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Rodriguez did not have too many televised matches in WWE. Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Rodriguez details how this special match came to be.

Rodriguez said:

“When they told us the news, we were in the gym and a text message came through. We had been told that the match would be between Alberto and me against John Cena and Bret Hart. We always gossip and joke. So we did not believe them. We thought it was a joke! But when more time passed, it began to hit me that maybe it was really going to happen. Then we went to the arena and yes, that’s what we were going to do. I felt like a fan, a little boy, very excited.”

Rodriguez and Del Rio would lose to Cena and Hart after Alberto abandoned Rodriguez. This would allow Bret Hart to enter the match and win one more with the Sharpshooter. That, in itself, is a memory that Ricardo Rodriguez holds dear:

“But when everything happened and I calmed down. Like a year later, I was able to process that this match did happen. Bret Hart’s last match was against me. Maybe it wasn’t a spectacular match, but it was his last match and it was against me. I have that photo printed in a frame where Bret is applying the Sharpshooter to me. No one can take it away from me. It’s already mine.”

The match took place on Raw number 955. Despite showcasing the last match of one of the best wrestlers of all time, the night is probably best known for another reason. This was the night that CM Punk and Triple H shared a blistering promo with each other ahead of their match at Night of Champions.