Ric Flair Wants Hollywood Star Worth Over $100,000,000 To Play Him In A Movie

WWE Ric Flair

If you ask fans which professional wrestler they think should have a movie made about them, a lot of them will say Ric Flair.

And the man himself agrees, even already having an idea of who he’d like to see star as him, and it’s none other than mega superstar Bradley Cooper — aiming high in typical “Nature Boy” fashion.

Ric Flair Wants Bradley Cooper As The “Nature Boy”

On a recent edition of his “To Be The Man” podcast, Flair spoke about an upcoming biographical film, and noted how Cooper has at least been involved in discussions about possibly playing the 16-time world champion.

“I mean, I’ve heard it officially, but it’s not in place. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not true that he’s playing Ric Flair. I’ve heard they’ve talked to him, that’s it. Bradley Cooper is not playing me in a movie, yet. I hope he does.”

In the process of the conversation, Ric Flair made sure he cleared up any rumors and speculation that could have come out of it, and his co-host Conrad Thompson also chimed in, saying that Chris Pratt and Sebastian Stan have also been brought up about potentially playing Flair.

The career of Ric Flair has been legendary and iconic, being a key figure in the industry of sports entertainment for decades, including with companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Throughout his career, Flair had 16 stints as world champion, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice. In regards to biopics, there’s already been a biographical project made about him with ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Nature Boy” documentary. Ric Flair would officially retire from professional wrestling earlier this year after his Ric Flair’s Last Match pay-per-view event.

Charlotte Flair — Ric Flair’s daughter — was also in discussions to remake “Walking Tall,” already being remade by another wrestling icon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A couple of years ago, Flair stated that the project would be produced by The Rock’s company, Seven Bucks Productions.

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