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Ric Flair Wants 4 Hall Of Fame Rings

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, once by himself, a second time as one of the legendary Four Horsemen. He is far from done, however, as ‘The Nature Boy’ has stated that he wants four WWE Hall of Fame rings.

Speaking on Raw Talk, a typically animated Flair discussed his plans for how he’ll achieve another two inductions:

“Long before you were born, ‘The Nature Boy’ is the reason some people think that the business as you know it is where it’s at today. It all started long ago with a guy named ‘The Nature Boy.’ You see this right here? (shows his WWE Hall of Fame ring) I’ve got two of them. I’m gonna have three when [Randy] Orton retires. I’ll have four because I’m going to go into the Hall of Fame as not only the greatest wrestler of all time, which I already am… [but a trainer].”

Randy Orton is the only member of Evolution still performing full time. The other two members, Triple H and Batista have both stepped away from the ring in recent years. Triple H still performs as a part-time Superstar as well as acting as COO of WWE. Whereas Batista has stated that he is retired following his last match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 35.

Flair would go on to discuss his plans for his on-screen companion, Lacey Evans. The 16-time champion of the world explained:

“There’s a Hall of Fame worth of knowledge right here and if ‘The Great One’ [Charlotte Flair], who I am so sick of hearing people tell me is better than me. Maybe she is but I’m gonna do something I’ve never done. ‘The Great Woman’ is trained by Hunter and NXT. Who do you think Hunter grew up loving? Who do you think Shawn [Michaels] grew up loving? So, I’m gonna take this, and all this positivity. I’m gonna quit being humble. I’m gonna train [Lacey Evans] to be a world champion.”
Lacey Evans and Charlotte have clashed, with Evans forming a partnership with Ric Flair. The duo would cost Asuka and Charlotte Flair the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at the Royal Rumble with Evans punching Charlotte with a loaded fist.
Credit: Raw Talk