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Ric Flair On Why Vince McMahon Doesn’t Like Charlotte Performing His Moves

Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair has claimed that not only does Vince McMahon not like Charlotte performing his moves, he also knows why.

Despite being the daughter of a 16-time World Champion and two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Charlotte Flair has risen to the top of WWE’s women’s division without leaning on much of her father’s move set. While the elaborate robes and ‘Woooo’s!’ are clearly borrowed from Ric, in-ring, her only real nod to the past is her adaptation of the Figure Four into her own Figure Eight.

On a recent episode of his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair was asked by his co-host Mark Madden about Charlotte using his moves. He commented that he was surprised that no one has copied Flair’s famous flip over the top turnbuckle.

Flair said that while there’s nothing stopping others from copying his moves, Vince McMahon doesn’t like Charlotte doing so because it reminds him of the Nature Boy.

“Well, some of the kids can do that (his moves), I just don’t think they do… I don’t think Vince liked it when Ashley (Charlotte) does it, because it reminds him of me (laughs)… I don’t know anybody (who has stolen his moves). It’s funny, you can learn every day, every match you’re in, if it’s somebody you’re watching – which I think is very important if you’re young in the business or even if you’re in the same card as someone that’s good. But I don’t see a lot of guys imitating my stuff,”

Flair has repeatedly said that he believes that his daughter is better in the ring than he ever was, pointing out that corkscrew moonsaults were never his forte.

Charlotte Flair currently stands as the most decorated female performer in WWE history, with a record of 13 World Championship wins alongside a number of other honours.

Speaking in a recent interview, The Queen commented on her recent run of matches with up and coming Superstars such as Toni Storm and Shotzi, before declaring that Rhea Ripley is the future face of the women’s division.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.