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Ric Flair Promises Top Rope Moment During Final Match

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has vowed to fly from the top rope one more time during his final match on July 31st.

When fans think of wrestling’s great high-flyers, they might conjure up images of Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. One name missing from that list, and any best-of list pertaining to top rope prowess, is that of Ric Flair.

While Flair was no stranger to climbing to the top rope, his success rate once at those lofty heights was so low it even became a running joke on commentary. Over time, the WWE Hall of Famer being slammed from the top rope back to the mat, became one of his signature spots.

Although, the 16-time World Champion did land the occasional Double-Axe Handle from the top in his day. Emphasis on occasional.

As Flair prepares to get into the ring one final time at Starrcast V, he sat down with the Tampa Bay Times, to discuss what is being billed as his last match. During the interview, the Nature Boy guaranteed he would come off the top rope.

“That’s what I’m working on. It’s just a timing issue. I’ll guarantee I’ll be coming off the top rope. Whether it’s the flip or not, I don’t know,”

Before Flair’s final match was announced he shared numerous clips online where he was training with Jay Lethal. In one of the clips, Flair took a body-slam. Surprisingly, Flair admits that the purpose of the move was to make sure his pacemaker wouldn’t come unattached at he hit the mat.

“That was just an experiment to make sure my pacemaker didn’t come unplugged from landing on the mat.”

Addressing his comeback, Flair also stated in a previous interview that he had consulted “40 doctors” before deciding to lace up his boots one last time.

It has also been announced that Inside The Ropes’ very own Kenny McIntosh will be hosting a special panel at Starrcast V featuring Bret Hart, as he looks back on his legendary clash with the British Bulldog at SummerSlam 30 years ago.