Ric Flair To CM Punk – “If You Want A Rating, Let Us Talk For 10 Minutes”

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has suggested a novel way that AEW could pop a big rating on their television show and it only involves him, CM Punk, and two microphones.

Flair has long been known as a master of the microphone throughout his legendary career that has seen The Nature Boy inducted twice into the WWE Hall Of Fame. CM Punk is no slouch with a microphone in his hand either and the former WWE Champion popped a huge rating for the second-ever AEW Rampage when he made his hotly anticipated AEW debut.

Since then, the ratings for AEW’s Friday night offering have plateaued somewhat but Ric Flair thinks he knows how that could be fixed, for one week at least.

Flair took to social media to make his proposal to CM Punk and the world:

“Never Forget This Moment… We Can Make History Again Brother! If You Want A Rating, Let Us Talk For 10 Minutes!”

The message accompanied a photograph of Flair and Punk together in WWE when the two icons teamed up on an edition of ECW in 2008.

Flair clarified his statement in a later message, making it clear that he wasn’t angling for a job with AEW:

Just Having Fun And Sharing Memories Does Not Imply I’m Looking For A Job! I Left One Great Company & It Wasn’t Because Of @VinceMcMahon! And I’m Not Going To Work For Another Great One, And It’s Not Because Of @TonyKhan! It’s As Simple As That.”

Ric Flair has been a controversial figure ever since an episode of Dark Side Of The Ring aired focussing on the infamous ‘Plane Ride From Hell.’ During the episode, a flight attendant that was on board that day accused Flair of sexually assaulting her but Flair has since vigorously denied this.