“I Don’t Know Who You Are” – Ric Flair Snaps Back At Rude TikToker [VIDEO]

Ric Flair

In a career spanning five decades Ric Flair became one of the most famous names in the history of professional wrestling.

The star captured World Championship gold on 16 occasions and “lived the gimmick” of a playboy millionaire like very few people on the planet before or since. So naturally, being approached for photos and recognised in public is nothing new.

Ric Flair Caught In Awkward Interaction With “Fan”

However, sometimes things don’t go quite to plan. A video has emerged online of a girl approaching Flair for a photo, but not before blurting out that she has no idea who he is. Flair appeared taken aback and understandably less than impressed by the ‘fan,’ before she apologised and left.

“I don’t know who you are but my friends said you’re famous so I want to take a picture with you. Is that okay with you?”

It’s been a week of awkward interactions for Ric Flair who claimed that he was snubbed at an autograph signing by Seth Rollins. Flair put the encounter to the very public war of words he has been having with Rollins’ wife Becky Lynch. Despite Rollins apparently ignoring him, Flair talked up The Visionary’s in-ring skills.

The problems between Flair and Lynch began in November 2021 with the Irish star battling with Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte. The rivalry famously used real-life issues between the women on television, with their falling out playing out for all to see. During this period Flair was critical of Lynch a number of times on his podcast and on Twitter, while the Irish star later branded him “sad.”

Flair then hit out at Lynch over the use of the nickname “The Man.” Despite the Nature Boy claiming that he held the rights to the moniker Lynch and WWE have continued to use it on television and in selling merchandise.

Ric Flair is currently promoting his upcoming documentary “Woooo! Becoming Ric Flair” which premieres on December 26th on Peacock.