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Ric Flair Set To Referee SlapStrike Bout

Ric Flair

Ric Flair is set to don the referee shirt as he is going to call a very different kind of event – a SlapStrike bout where competitors slap each other in the face.

Flair will referee the exhibition match between Da Crazy Hawaiian and The Bear Man. The bout features as part of the build-up to the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight. The event is being promoted by Triller Fight Club which is co-owned by WWE Hall Of Famer Snoop Dogg.

The SlapStrike format sees two competitors taking turns in slapping one another in the face for five rounds. There is a potential for extra rounds to be contested and one very important rule – no flinching allowed.

A press release from Triller Fight Club to promote the event states:

“SlapStrike will hold an exhibition match between U.S. champion Da Crazy Hawaiian and The Bear Man as part of Saturday’s massive Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren event; WWE Legend Ric Flair will call the match.”

“Triller Fight Club announced today it will add a slap fighting exhibition match with SlapStrike, the league that has brought the new sport to the U.S. Triller Fight Club Co-owner and Head Commentator, Snoop Dogg got hooked on the sport after watching SlapStrike’s “The War from Warsaw” tournament on FITE in March. On the April 17th Triller Fight Club event, fans can watch U.S. Slap Fighting champion “Da Crazy Hawaiian” face off against “The Bear Man”. WWE legend Ric Flair will ref, and SNL’s Pete Davidson.”

The release goes on to give some information about the two competitors involved:

“Da Crazy Hawaiian is quickly becoming the face of SlapStrike and the sport itself in the U.S.”

“Both he and The Bear Man are 6’3” with DCH at 375lbs and Bear at 350lbs.”

With over 700lbs of slapping power to keep under control, ‘The Nature Boy’ might very well have his hands full.