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Ric Flair Sends Special Message To Olympic Hopeful & Friend Of WWE

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has sent a message of support like only he can to an Olympic hopeful and potential WWE Superstar ahead of the Tokyo Games which begin this week.

At 21 years old Gable Steveson is Team USA’s hope to claim a gold medal in the heavyweight category in freestyle wrestling. In doing so he would be following in Kurt Angle’s footsteps after Angle famously won gold at 100kg at the 1996 Olympics [with a broken freakin’ neck].

Steveson, who is an NCAA Champion and the winner of the Danny Hodge Trophy has been linked with WWE for a number of months, even appearing in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver earlier this year.

At the time Triple H said of Steveson’s appearance:

“Gable came here tonight and enjoyed the show as a guest, had his dad with him. You know just won the NCAA Championships and the National Championships and just, you know, obviously qualified for the Olympics, and that is a big task at hand. So, you know, huge fan of what we do. We’ve been talking for a long time and we want to come out here, you know, reached out, want to come out, see TakeOver, see WrestleMania and we’ll see where it goes.”

Now the incomparable Nature Boy Ric Flair has sent his best wishes to Gable Steveson ahead of the delayed 2020 Olympics. In a video Steveson shared on social media, the sixteen-time champion of the world said:

“Gable, God dang it kick some ass man! You are coming back with a gold medal, coming to WWE – woo! – looking as only you can look. Next time I see you, you’ll be limousine ridin’ and jet flyin’ Gable Steveson. Woo! An Olympic gold medallist, heavyweight champion of the world! Bring it my friend, we’ll all be watching. Knock ’em dead, my best to you and your Olympic teammates. Go USA! Woo! Go Gable Steveson, my man! Remember it Gable, to be the man – woo! – you’ve gotta beat the man and right now you are the man! Wooooo!”

Wrestling does not begin until the second week of the Olympics with Steveson’s Freestyle 125kg class competing on the 6th of August. The eyes of the world and the WWE Universe will no doubt be on Gable Steveson as he goes for gold.