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Ric Flair Reportedly Released By WWE

Ric Flair

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been released by WWE after successfully requesting to depart the company, according to several news outlets.

Just a matter of days after Bray Wyatt was released by the company, the news of the 16-time World Champion’s departure has emerged courtesy of Fightful and Wrestling Inc.

Flair had reportedly re-signed with the company just over a year ago, but has been used sparingly on television. The 16-time World Champion and two-time Hall of Famer was most recently seen on television in a storyline where he betrayed his own daughter to side with on-screen partner Lacey Evans before the latter’s real-life pregnancy brought the storyline to a halt. Before then, Flair played an integral role in the storyline between Edge and Randy Orton.

According to Fightful Select, Flair had grown frustrated with certain booking decisions, and contacted Vince McMahon directly to express his concerns and ask for his release – which, of course, we now know was granted. There’s no specific news as of yet as to which decisions contributed to Flair’s frustrations, however the legendary wrestler had previously expressed his discomfort at the storyline where he portrayed Lacey Evans’ partner.

“In this instance, I didn’t (feel comfortable). It didn’t make a difference. One thing I’ve learned is that you’re not going to win a war when someone has their mind made up. [Charlotte] most definitely didn’t like it. I always say ‘yes’ because I didn’t want to be that guy who is like ‘that isn’t perfect for me.’ I have been buried in the desert, I’ve gotten my head shaved, no other top guys have gone through this. I’ve done everything. I’ve gotten fired for a year because I took my son to AAU Nationals. I’ve weathered every storm and come back. I got to TV and Mr. McMahon wasn’t there to argue the point with. He had stuff going on and, I don’t like to put pressure on someone if I can’t talk to him. He had made up his mind. I think a lot of it is because [Lacey] is a Marine and we can’t give enough back to the people who have served. He wanted her to be successful and the way to be successful sometimes is to take two other people who are doing well and give them the rub. She’s a nice girl, but it didn’t fit. We made the best of it and ultimately, she’s pregnant now with her husband. It was never anything personal, I barely know her.”

Ric Flair continued, adding that even though he may disagree with Vince McMahon, you’re never going to win an argument against the boss.

“No, I didn’t like that one. To [Vince], I’m always going to be ‘kiss stealin, wheelin’ dealin,’ which is great because he likes that even though he hated it when I used to say it. [Ric doing Vince impression] ’80s heels don’t draw! Go lead by example! If I put you in the first match it’s because where you belong!’ You’re not going to win the argument. He’s smarter and he’s the boss.”

Charlotte Flair, meanwhile, said she felt that the story “helped her grow as a performer.”