Ric Flair Promises To “Never Retire”

Ric Flair entrance at 'Ric Flair's Last Match' event

As he celebrates five decades in the wrestling business Ric Flair has once again vowed to never retire.

On November 26th 2007, Ric Flair took to the ring in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina to make a special announcement. He entered to a typically spectacular ovation and had a tear in his eye as he wound up to deliver the news.

“Tonight, right here in Charlotte, North Carolina and in front of the world, I have to announce to you… that I will never retire!

I will only retire when I’m dead in this ring! Over my dead body! I’ve got too much juice left, wooooo!!”

Of course, on the night, Flair was interrupted by Vince McMahon and informed that the next time he lost he would be forced to retire. This eventually led to his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24 and the end of his career. At least briefly.

In traditional Ric Flair fashion he made his way back to the ring and wrestled what was advertised as his “last match” as recently as July 31st 2022. However, in a new post on social media to celebrate 50 years in the wrestling business, Ric Flair has once again echoed the words of that famous promo almost 15 years ago, vowing to “never retire!”

Whether this means that fans will ever see Flair back in the ring remains to be seen, although he recently admitted that hearing Rocky Steamboat is set to wrestle one more time has him wanting to comeback.