Ric Flair Slams ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ Allegations, Claims He’s Going To Be “Calling People Out”

Ric Flair

The ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ took place following the UK exclusive pay-per-view Insurrextion in May 2002. During the now infamous flight, several performers including Ric Flair were involved in incidents that would result in fines, lawsuits and, in the cases of Scott Hall and Curt Hennig, releases from the company.

In September 2021 the Dark Side of the Ring documentary series released an episode looking at the infamous journey, and featured an interview with an air stewardess who was on board the flight. The woman in question appeared to allege that she had been sexually assaulted by Ric Flair, who had exposed himself and coerced her into touching his genitalia. Following the episode Flair issued a statement where he denied any wrongdoing, but he was removed from WWE’s opening TV video package, and his merchandise was pulled from the online store.

“It’s All Bullsh*t” – Ric Flair

The Nature Boy was later added back into the opening video and revealed that he had held talks with then-Chairman Vince McMahon. All seemed fine until WWE Crown Jewel 2022 when Flair appeared to have been taken out of the “Then. Now. Forever.” signature for a second time. Although he was back in for Monday Night Raw two days later.

Speaking on his podcast, To Be The Man, Flair addressed the situation, and took time to fire back at the claims made against him during the infamous episode of Dark Side of The Ring. The 16-time World Champion branded the allegations “bullsh*t” and said that he would be calling people out in an upcoming documentary in partnership with WWE.

“I have no idea [why I was cut from it]. But you know what? Here’s the deal, and I don’t care what anybody says. I mean, Arn Anderson was giving me a lecture about kissing WWE’s ass and the last match. That is the biggest compliment you can ever get as a wrestler is to be at the opening of anything that WWE has. It’s not kissing ass for me to say thank you once or to say thank you twice.

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through in my life personally, aside from health issues, is having 85,000 people tell me within two minutes, I wasn’t on the opening of Raw or Smackdown, that’s when the bullsh*t from the plane ride to hell came out, which is all bullsh*t. Which is explained thoroughly in my new documentary, I mean, thoroughly. I am calling some people out big time.

So to answer your question. If they had left me off, I wouldn’t mind it. Because I’ve had my time. It’s not my time anymore. But it is something that means a lot to me personally, as it does to everybody else that’s on it. And I’m sure they would tell you that if they’re being honest with you, it’s a big deal. You’re seen worldwide three times a week.”

Ric Flair recently hit out at WWE over their use of JBL who has a history of allegations being made against him for bullying. Flair stated that it was “sad” that the former World Champion is in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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