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Ric Flair Admits He Was “Petrified” To Wrestle Brock Lesnar

Ric Flair & Brock Lesnar

Ric Flair has admitted that he was more than a little apprehensive about wrestling a young Brock Lesnar when the pair met in the ring in 2002.

By the time that the summer of 2002 rolled around, Ric Flair and Brock Lesnar were at the opposite ends of their respective in-ring careers. Lesnar had only arrived on the Monday Night Raw roster a handful of months previously, while Flair was entering this third decade as a performer.

As Lesnar ran through everyone he came up against, he began to move up the card, wrestling bigger and bigger names, and there aren’t many bigger than Ric Flair. This set a match between the pair on the July 1st episode of Raw. The two men also wrestled on live events and again on Raw when Lesnar teamed with The Undertaker to defeat Flair and Rob Van Dam.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Wooooo Nation podcast, Flair reflected on this series of matches, admitting that he was “petrified” to step into the ring with The Next Big Thing.

“I wouldn’t have been afraid of him back then [in his prime]. When I had to wrestle him in WWE, I was petrified because you worry about getting hurt when you get older. The minute you worry about getting hurt, you gotta go home. You just do,”

Continuing on, Flair explained that he always felt safe with other top stars on Raw at the time, but working with Lesnar was different. The Nature Boy said there was always a possibility you might get hurt, even if Lesnar didn’t mean it, simply due to his freakish power.

“If you’re worried about getting hurt, I didn’t worry about that with Shawn, I didn’t worry about that with Hunter [Triple H] or Randy or Dave [Batista], but when you get a guy like Brock that can throw you around, he wouldn’t mean to, but you never know where you’re gonna land,”

Shortly after dispatching Flair, Lesnar went on to SummerSlam where he would defeat The Rock to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history.

Over the course of the next two decades, The Beast would rack up a further eight World Championship wins, while also claiming the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Lesnar is currently looking to capture his tenth World Title as he prepares to meet Bobby Lashley, Riddle, Austin Theory, AJ Styles and Seth Freakin’ Rollins inside the Elimination Chamber.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.