Ric Flair Removed From WWE Signature Open For A Second Time

Ric Flair press conference

Earlier this year, Ric Flair would be involved in a controversy after the premiere of VICE TV’s “Dark Side of the Ring” episode titled “Plane Ride from Hell,” where would be accused of several charges, including sexual assault of a female flight attendant.

As a result, World Wrestling Entertainment would remove his signature “wooo!” from their opening to their television programming, and it appears that it’s happened again.

WWE Once Again Removes Ric Flair From TV Opening

While former WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Naomi appear to have been put back into World Wrestling Entertainment‘s opening, it also appears that Ric Flair’s “wooo!” has been removed, again.

This would cause a reaction from “The Nature Boy” on Twitter:

“Hoping This Was An Error… Watching The #WWECrownJewel I Couldn’t Help But Notice My Absence From The Opening. Great Show! Tremendous Performances! Congratulations To All The @WWE Superstars! If I Turn Raw On Monday And I’m Not On, I’ll Absolutely Have To Speak On The Matter!”

Ric Flair, who posted the tweet a little over an hour after WWE’s Crown Jewel Premium Live Event, would go on to delete the tweet. WWE has not addressed why they once again removed Flair from their opening.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Crown Jewel would feature several big matches, including the main event between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, with Reigns retaining his title when the smoke cleared.

The match would also see the debut of Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, who would have a clash of The Bloodline, who previously came out to attack Logan Paul’s friends after he celebrated with him after laying out the “Tribal Chief” on the commentator table. Shortly after, Logan Paul would jump from the top rope and land right into Reigns, while also recording himself with his friend’s phone in the process.