Ric Flair Names The Worst Match He’s Ever Had

Ric Flair

With a career spanning 50 years, Ric Flair has had more matches than most wrestlers could dream of. With such a large body of work, it’s not surprising that not every match was a five-star classic.

Many fans will point to the matches later in his career as being some of his worst, with criticism even being levelled at his final match – where he teamed with Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. However, The Man himself has looked to his days in the territory system for the bout that was the lowest of the low.

Ric Flair addresses worst match in his career

During a recent Q&A edition of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair was asked about the worst match he had ever had. While he admitted to having “some stinkers”, the Nature Boy couldn’t name a specific bout but recalled there was one during the territory days that fit the bill.

Not wanting to name names, Flair instead described someone in the Kansas City area who hadn’t wrestled a full hour before, something that Flair frequently did.

“Oh gosh, I had a lot of bad ones. I had a lot of stinkers. I think it was one it was, it would have been somewhere in the Kansas City territory wrestling against someone that hadn’t wrestled an hour, and that list is too long to point out anybody.

Flair went on to say matches like that weren’t even “passable” and he couldn’t name a single person for the accolade of his worst opponent.

“I mean, I can’t even say they were passable. I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve had some stinkers, trust me. And I don’t want to point anybody out but I am just trying to think. I can’t name one person, but trust me, I’ve had some stinkers.”

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