Ric Flair Hits Out At Becky Lynch After Recent Promo

Ric Flair on the mic

Ric Flair has slammed Becky Lynch over her recent comments and promos aimed at Ronda Rousey.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has continued his war of words with Becky Lynch, taking issue with her recent comments regarding Ronda Rousey.

Upon returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble, Rousey and Lynch continued their rivalry which began back in 2018. On a recent episode of Monday Night Raw the pair clashed as Rousey teased facing Lynch at WrestleMania 38.

All of the way through their feud, Lynch has often referred to Ronda Rousey as “Ronnie.” This is something that she’s continued to do in recent weeks. However, it’s a move that hasn’t gone down well with Ric Flair.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation podcast, Flair said that Lynch was “out of her mind” before mocking the Raw Women’s Champion.

“Once again, she’s not ‘Ronnie,’ she’s Ronda Rousey. And anybody who’s stupid enough to call her ‘Ronnie’ and make a joke of her presence, what she brings to the company, is out of their mind, AKA — what is her name now — Big Time Becks. ‘Hey Ronnie, welcome back.’ That’s exciting, that’s really exciting. How about, ‘Thank you Ronda for showing up because I’m not The Man anymore, I’m generic, who am I, Big Time Becks, The Lasskicker, I don’t know,'”

Ric Flair’s very public spat with Becky Lynch and WWE stems from their use of the phrase “The Man.” The WWE Hall of Famer believes he owns the trademark and in November said that he would “go back and get” it when he was “legally cleared.”

Despite this, a report later suggested that WWE and Lynch are able to use the moniker, and still sell merchandise which heavily features the phrase.