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Ric Flair Discusses Eric Bischoff Reaching Out After His Son’s Passing

Ric Flair Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair has discussed his tumultuous relationship with Eric Bischoff noting that the former WCW President reached out to Flair after his son Reid’s tragic passing.

In an appearance on ‘The Wrestling Inc. Daily’ podcast, Flair spoke openly about that tough time in his life. Explaining that he appreciates the people that reached out during it.

Flair stated:

“When my son died… I don’t think we’re ever going to be best friends. When something like that happens, or when I get sick like I did or something that really upsets your life, those are the people that show up. And I can remember driving across town about three days after he died. Eric [Bischoff] called on the phone because I was crushed. I was absolutely devastated.”

Flair and Bischoff had a stormy relationship during their time together in WCW. In 1998 Bischoff and WCW sued Flair following the 16 time champion of the world missing a show for the company. Following the case being settled, Flair would return to WCW and feud with Bischoff on-screen.

Ric Flair then discussed the number of people who reached out to him both after his son’s death and during his own health battles.

Flair commented:

“I can remember the people that called and the people that didn’t. If they couldn’t come, they called or texted me. Those are the people that count, or likewise, when I was sick, you really find out who your friends are. It took me six months to return them all, but I had over 170 texts on my phone, and Wendy [Flair’s wife] counted each one of them.”

“That’s who you know who your friends are. There are people that I was very close to that did not show up for his [Reid’s] funeral and did not text me. Simple as that but there are people that I spent a lot of time with and put a lot of faith in, and we’re very close. I didn’t hear a word from them. And those are the things that are more hurtful than anything I experienced in wrestling. It’s just a very personal feeling.”

A 2-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair also opened up about his relationship with his former ‘Four Horsemen’ partners, in particular, long-time close friend, Arn Anderson.

Credit: The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast