Ric Flair Deletes Social Media Post Following Major Fan Backlash

Ric Flair at Raw XXX

Ric Flair has sparked controversy on social media with a now-deleted post that many have deemed insensitive.

In the post, Flair was seen posing by the bedside of Steve “Mongo” McMichael. The former NFL and WCW star revealed he had been diagnosed with ALS in April 2021, and the degenerative condition has left him paralysed from the shoulders down.

Before stepping into the ring, McMichael starred in the NFL between 1980 and 1994, winning the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears in 1985. After retiring, the star ventured into professional wrestling with WWE before heading to WCW in September 1995.

While Flair and McMichael remained friends after working together in WCW, fans didn’t appreciate a photo from the Nature Boy’s latest visit. In the post, Flair wrote that Mongo is “stronger than anyone we know,” and posed for a photo with the star’s wife Misty at his bedside.

Many fans were quick to call out Flair for his apparent cheerful, all-smiles demeanour, next to McMichael lying in bed attached to medical equipment.

Flair was criticised for being disrespectful, while others accused him of doing whatever he could to stay in the spotlight. The post was then deleted. You can find a screenshot below.

Ric Flair Criticised For WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

Ric Flair, recently courted controversy of a different kind with his speech at the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The Nature Boy was on hand to induct the Great Muta, but was criticised for speaking more about himself than the Japanese legend he was inducting.

In response, Flair claimed that “99% of the people in attendance in that building don’t even know who Muta is.”