Ric Flair Confirms Talks For Upcoming Netflix Show

Ric Flair

Pro wrestling appears to be having a small boom period right now. There’s plenty of interest in it, including from non-wrestling-related networks looking to cash in on it by creating their own shows that tie into wrestling in some way.

The most well-known of these ‘wrestling spin-off’ shows to come in recent years was Dark Side of the Ring, which looked at the more controversial and tragic situations from pro wrestling history.

And according to Ric Flair, both Netflix and Fox are interested in creating a wrestling spin-off of their own, though not one that’s necessarily as dark as DSOTR.

Ric Flair says conversations underway about wrestling-related reality show

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair noted that both Netflix and Fox have reached out to him and his wife, Wendy Barlow, about a show. But Flair himself wouldn’t be the star; Wendy would be.

The proposed show would be a Real Housewives spinoff called “Real Housewives of Wrestling.”

According to the Wrestling Observer, four wrestlers’ wives were approached with the idea to create a “real housewives” spinoff that focuses on their daily lives.

The four wives approached were: Flair’s (Wendy Barlow), Randy Orton’s (Kimberly Kessler), Jake Hager’s (Catalina White) and Kurt Angle’s (Giovanna Yannotti).

Additionally, Ric Flair noted that while Karen Jarrett isn’t in the show as fat as he knows, he does think she’d be a great addition.

The Real Housewives media franchise has been around since 2006 and has boasted around 70 different series, spinoffs, and one-season specials.

The longest-airing seasons covered housewives living in Orange County (17 seasons and counting), Atlanta (15 seasons and counting), New York City (14 seasons and counting), Beverly Hills, and New Jersey (13 seasons each).

International spinoffs have also been launched in Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, New Zealand, and more.

There are also several spinoffs that focus on the specific lives and environments of individual cast members from the ‘core’ shows, most of which air/aired on Bravo for a season or two, with the exception of one series called ‘Vanderplump Rules’ which aired for ten seasons and is still airing today.