Ric Flair Confirms Liv Morgan’s Relationship With Fellow WWE Star

Liv Morgan

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan is one of WWE’s most popular stars, and questions about her dating life were recently put to rest.

Speaking on the latest episode of his To Be the Man podcast, Ric Flair opened up about his experience at Raw’s 30th anniversary show on January 23rd and reflected on how great it was to see members of the Rotunda family, including Bray Wyatt and his brother Bo Dallas.

During his reflection, Flair confirmed that Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas are currently in a relationship. The two have owned and operated a farm together for a number of years prior to beginning a romantic relationship.

“I was so happy to see Bray [Wyatt]. I just saw Barry’s sister the other day, Mike’s wife. And Mike was there at the 30th anniversary [of RAW]. Mike Rotunda, Barry [Windham]’s brother-in-law. So, he [Barry] is recovering. He is here in Tampa… He’s out what they call The Compound. That would be the Bray Wyatt/Mike Rotunda compound.

“Bo’s got a bunch of property out there. Bo is with Liv Morgan now. I think, are they married? I don’t know. Yeah, and I saw JoJo, Bray’s wife. Yeah, they’re a very happy family.”

Liv Morgan And Bo Dallas Were Both In San Antonio, TX For The Royal Rumble

Liv Morgan had a star-making performance in the Royal Rumble on January 28th, entering at number 2 and lasting until the bitter end when she was eliminated by Rhea Ripley after being the victim of green mist from Asuka. Ripley went on to win the entire match and set a record as the woman with the longest Rumble time in history at 60 minutes and 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s beaux Dallas was also in attendance as he’s been portraying his brother Bray Wyatt‘s foe Uncle Howdy as of late according to a report from Fightful Select. At the end of Bray Wyatt’s divisive Pitch Black Match with LA Knight, Uncle Howdy appeared atop a platform before crashing down into LA Knight, who was lying on a table below. A cascade of sparks emerged, and characters from the Firefly Funhouse looked on.

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