Ric Flair Claims Charlotte Could Become “As Big As Serena Williams”

Charlotte Flair & Ric Flair

According to popular wrestling history, Ric Flair stands at the top of the mountain with a grand total of 16 World Championship wins.

While even the man himself disputes this figure, it is often cited as the target that the rest of the wrestling world is aiming for. John Cena is currently on target to beat the record having already tied with Flair, but his current schedule is making it less and less likely.

However, in recent weeks attention has shifted to another current star Charlotte Flair. Upon returning to action on December 30th, The Queen won the SmackDown Women’s Title for a seventh time. The win took her to a total of 14 Women’s Championship wins, sparking speculation that she could be the star to break her own father’s record.

Ric Flair Compares Charlotte To Serena Williams

On a recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair was asked who he would like to see break his record. Without hesitation, and unsurprisingly, he named Charlotte before boldly predicting that the achievement would make her as big as tennis legend Serena Williams.

Williams brought down the curtain on her legendary career in 2022 following a glittering run that included 23 major titles. The star is widely praised as being arguably the greatest female tennis player in history, while she is credited with increasing diversity within the sport. It was noted in late 2022 that Williams is the most tweeted-about female athlete in history.

“Charlotte, without even thinking. I think it would make a statement heard around the world. She would overnight be as big as Serena Williams. Absolutely. She would be recognized in that light. They’re finally getting to the point where the women athletes are getting recognition. Women are getting more recognition, period, in business and in the business world, which is only fair. If Charlotte were to break our record, I mean, why not? I can tell you right now, we’re not talking about a 2.5 (the rating), we’re talking about a 3.5 with me and Cena walking out there the day she breaks the record. It’s very conceivable she could.”

Speaking about her return Charlotte Flair recently revealed that she didn’t find out she would be winning the SmackDown Women’s Title until the day of the show. After her cleaner rushed to bring her gear to the arena, the star defeated Ronda Rousey in under a minute.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co