Ric Flair Blasts “Mamby Pamby” WrestleMania 39 Match

Ric Flair

Ric Flair didn’t hold back with his thoughts on WrestleMania 39, particularly when it comes to criticism of a certain match.

On night one of the blockbuster event, Seth Rollins faced off against Logan Paul. Tension between the two had been building for months, ever since Paul shockingly eliminated Rollins from the 2023 Royal Rumble. The next month at the Elimination Chamber, Paul confronted his foe once more, costing Rollins a chance to become United States Champion when he attacked him inside the structure as Montez Ford was being attended to by medical staff.

Paul made a grand entrance for the WrestleMania bout, entering on a zipline he joked he’d gotten for his birthday. Accompanying him was a giant PRIME energy drink mascot, who was later revealed to be none other than his friend and business partner KSI.

Despite KSI’s interference, Rollins was able to pick up the victory in the end, and Paul has since claimed that his WWE contract has come to an end.

While the bout received praise from many fans and critics alike, Ric Flair wasn’t a fan, especially compared to the hard-hitting SmackDown Women’s Championship bout between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair later in the evening.

On the latest episode of To Be the Man, Flair ran down his thoughts on the match, calling it “mamby pamby” in comparison.

“Well, first of all, Seth can work like hell. But when you do mamby pamby, stuff like that, then you watch Ashley [Charlotte] and Rhea chopping and knocking each others [heads off], I mean, pounding each other. You look and you think what the hell? It doesn’t even, it doesn’t compute for me.”

Flair also took WWE to task for not putting Rhea and Charlotte in the main event of night one.

Ric Flair Shook Seth Rollins’ Hand At Raw’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

Flair is no stranger to backstage animosity in the world of wrestling, and his online war of words with Rollins’ wife Becky Lynch waged on for nearly two years, stemming from Lynch’s use of the phrase The Man and Flair alleging that she had “stolen” the phrase from him.

However, Flair revealed on a January episode of his podcast that when he saw Lynch and Rollins with their daughter backstage at Raw’s 30th anniversary celebration, he decided life was too short to hold onto the grudge any longer. He apologized to Lynch and shook Rollins’ hand, burying the hatchet between them.

Seth Rollins himself later confirmed that the “beef was squashed” and praised Flair as one of the greatest of all time.

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