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Ric Flair Announces A Physical WWE Hall Of Fame

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Former 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, has given a major update on a physical WWE Hall of Fame.

There have been rumours for nearly ten years now that the promotion were looking to make their hallowed halls more than a one night ceremony with an actual building which would house various artifacts, plaques, pro wrestling memorabilia and pictures for the public to visit.

According to Ric Flair, that is now in the works and the promotion have begun to construct what is being referred to as a gallery to showcase its legends.

During an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump, ‘Naitch’ spoke on the construction which is going on in Orlando, Florida, as well as his special golden robe – the inspiration for Dame7, the Adidas signature shoe of Portland Trail Blazers luminary, Damian Lillard – which WWE are purchasing from Flair to exhibit in the halls:

“WWE is actually in the process of building a Hall of Fame, a physical structure in Orlando. It’s been delayed too, due to COVID. They purchased the robe and wanted to put that in there. It would be something that I wore [that they would be showcasing] in the Hall.

That, according to Flair, WWE will exhibit rare memorabilia within this physical Hall of Fame suddenly makes the company’s plea for collectors to come forward with any piece of long lost merchandise they may have, a lot more palatable.

Originally thought to be for a new show hosted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, where they would travel around the country to seek out rare collections in the style of the popular Toy Hunter, the plea is now likely to be for collections to fill their new hallowed halls.