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Ric Flair On Which AEW Star He Sees Himself In

Ric Flair

WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair has commented on a stand-out AEW star and says he sees a lot of The Nature Boy in someone that’s better than you, and you know it.

MJF has been a key part of AEW since the company’s inception as the Burberry-clad, rich boy that everybody loves to hate. After turning on Cody Rhodes and ensuring Rhodes can never compete for the AEW World Title, MJF has shared the spotlight with the likes of Darby Allin, Jon Moxley, and has recently run his mouth with CM Punk.

One thing MJF has in common with much of the wrestling plebeians that he despises is his admiration for the late, great ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. MJF recently commented on AEW TV that he wanted to be bigger than “Piper in Portland” for his homecoming in Long Island, New York. Roddy Piper competed in Portland for many years winning the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship before moving on to other NWA territories and then the WWF.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair says he sees more of himself in MJF than he does Roddy Piper:

“I don’t see much of Roddy in him, I see more of me than Roddy. Roddy didn’t brag about his clothes and stuff like that. This kid, which makes him different, he’s talking about the material things or implies that he has material things that other people don’t have and it really p*sses people off. Especially when it’s the truth.”

“He’s so damn good at what he’s doing and it really catches my attention but I’ve seen so many guys in the business go out and be a hero on TV and then in the parking lot sign autographs. Instead of running to the bar at 100 miles an hour, they want to make sure nobody tweets about what an asshole they are by signing autographs. Dumbass. What heel signs an autograph?”

Ric Flair then commented on the potential bidding war between WWE and AEW that MJF has alluded to when his contract is up in 2024. Flair believes MJF has the skills to go where he wants but thinks he should remain All Elite:

“I think it goes anywhere he wants to go. I hope he has a good business manager, a good agent. Not some dumb son of a bitch like I’ve had in the past. Somebody knows what they’re doing and is honest.”

“If I were him, I’m not suggesting he go anywhere, I would stay with Tony as long as I could. If Tony was paying me and I’m sure Tony sees a lot in him or he wouldn’t be in a position he’s in. The thing about him, he’s just gonna get better. Hopefully, he stays injury-free.”

h/t Fightful