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Rhino Says He Was Miserable During Final WWE Run – “I Was Hating Life”


Former WWE Superstar Rhino has opened up about the end of his latest WWE run and says despite the money on offer, he was “miserable.”

Rhino first joined WWE back in March 2001 as an ally to Edge and Christian following the closure of ECW. During this run, he captured the WCW United States Championship as well as the WWE Hardcore Title before he was let go from his contract in 2005.

Following runs in TNA and Ring Of Honor, the veteran made a return to WWE in 2015 as an unlikely member of the NXT roster. Rhino even teamed with Baron Corbin to reach the finals of the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament.

A return to the WWE main roster soon followed and the master of the Gore formed a memorable tag team with Heath Slater and the two men became the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions in 2016. This was to be as good as it this time around for Rhino and he left the company in 2019 once his contract had expired.

Speaking to IMPACT colleagues The Good Brothers on their Talk’n Shop Podcast, Rhino discussed why he chose to leave WWE despite being offered more money than ever to stay:

“They (WWE) offered me the biggest contract they ever offered me. This was in 2019. And the thing was, it wasn’t like, ‘oh eff you, I want to one-up you or I’m better than this, I’m better than that’. They had a lot of guys under contract.”

“Heath and I, we were only on the road like, one house show loop a week or a month and I love being on the road, I just enjoy it. I just enjoy being around the boys, I like to work.”

“I would just be sitting home more, but making money. I was becoming miserable and I was hating, not just the wrestling business, I was hating life. I was talking to Scott [D’Amore, IMPACT executive] when I was able to and he was like, ‘yeah we’d love you but, you know, we have a budget, it’s pretty tight. But, you could go out and do indies’.”

“I always enjoyed the indie scene because I like finding that talent and helping the talent out, I like being on the road and I can drive. So if I can help find the next Rock, or the next Austin, or the next Good Brothers you know, right? So that’s the goal.”

Rhino returned to IMPACT Wrestling in July 2019, even appearing at Slammiversary under a mask while still under contract with WWE.

h/t Wrestling Inc.