Rhea Ripley Reveals She Suffered A Dislocation During Royal Rumble Match

Rhea Ripley pointing at WrestleMania sign

One of the biggest stories coming out of the 2023 Royal Rumble is Rhea Ripley’s incredible victory in the Women’s Rumble Match.

The Judgment Day star entered at Number 1 and went on to outlast 29 other women to earn a title match of her choosing at WrestleMania 39.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for the star though, as the Number 2 entrant, Liv Morgan, also went the distance to reach the final three alongside Asuka, who was more dangerous than ever having rediscovered her dark past as Kana.

Towards the end of the bout, all three women ended up on the apron. Asuka attempted to hit Ripley with mist, but Ripley ducked, so Morgan got the full blast and was temporarily blinded.

From here, Ripley spun into the ring while kicking Asuka to eliminate her. She followed this with an impressive Head Scissors on Morgan, flipping her out of the ring to the floor.

Rhea Ripley dislocated her knee during Royal Rumble match

In the press conference following the Royal Rumble, Rhea Ripley revealed that she suffered an injury during the bout, dislocating her knee. However, the Australian star said it simply “went back in” so she continued the bout and is “feeling good”.

“I’m obviously beat up. My knees aren’t very good in general. My knee did dislocate for a second, and then it went back in.

“I’m feeling good now, and because of all my emotions, I’m just excited, so I’m blocking out everything else. If anything, I can smell blood in my nose, and that’s definitely there, but my knee is good.”

Ripley will now go onto WrestleMania 39, where, as things currently stand, she will face either Bianca Belair or Charlotte Flair for the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championship respectively. As a member of the red brand’s roster, Belair seems like the obvious target for the star.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.