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Rhea Ripley’s Stolen WWE Title Belt Potentially Resurfaces

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After going missing last October, the whereabouts of Rhea Ripley’s Women’s Tag Team Championship belt may have been revealed.

Rhea Ripley won Women’s Tag Team Championship gold alongside Nikki A.S.H. on the September 20th episode of Monday Night Raw. While the pair reigned until their defeat at the hands of Queen Zelina and Carmella on November 22nd, Ripley’s actual Tag Team Championship belt was lost in June when a bag of her gear went missing during a travel stop in Albuquerque, NM.

At the time, Rhea issued a plea on social media asking for any information as to her missing luggage.


My MosherZ of Albuquerque I know this is a stretch but, if any of you have seen a black travel suitcase around Office Boulevard & Montaño rd please hold onto it and let me know. It has all my gear in it, including my title. Cheers!”

Ripley also added a second tweet asking for anyone who saw her gear being sold online to send the links her way.

After months of uncertainty, a tweet from beltfandan on Twitter revealed that her title belt may have been found after all, though the person with it in their possession is refusing all contact at the present time.

Looks like Rhea’s lost bag with belt was found and the idiot tried selling it on my group. He deleted it shortly after and will not return messages.

It remains to be seen whether the title belt in question will be returned to Rhea Ripley, but suffice it to say that plenty of Twitter users are following Rhea’s request and tagging her to let her know the culprit may have been found.

The day after her gear bag went missing, Rhea Ripley was forced to borrow gear from fellow champion Damian Priest for a live event in El Paso, TX.

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