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Rhea Ripley Recalls WrestleMania 36 – “I Was Pretty Upset”

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley has discussed feeling a great deal of frustration after her WrestleMania match at WrestleMania 36 where she faced Charlotte Flair.

The Australian star entered WrestleMania in 2020 as NXT Women’s Champion. Ripley was challenged for her title by Flair, who had won that year’s women’s Royal Rumble match. Flair would defeat Ripley by submission, using her patented ‘figure-eight leg lock’ to win the title.

Speaking to Samoa Joe on WWE’s The Bump, Ripley recalled her feelings after WrestleMania:

“Man, I had a lot of frustration. Like, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty upset. It wasn’t the fact that there was going to be zero people in attendance, but it was the fact that my family couldn’t be there to be part of this moment with me. That really sucked. It made me really sad and depressed, but at the same time, it’s WrestleMania.”

WrestleMania 36 was held in front of zero fans as the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That also meant that Ripley’s family couldn’t travel from Australia to be with her for the event.

Ripley continued, noting that the thought of support from home kept her going:

“Even though I say that I don’t have any goals in wrestling, WrestleMania was always something I wanted to be a part of. Even though there was no one to celebrate or cheer or boo, and I didn’t have my family there, I knew that they were watching at home and supporting me no matter what. I had to keep imagining that in my mind, and that helped me sort of get through it.”

Rhea Ripley has been advertised to make her Raw debut soon. Vignettes have appeared during the red brands Monday night show advertising Ripley as ‘coming soon.’

Credit: WWE’s The Bump

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription