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Rhea Ripley Laughs Off Disparaging Comment About Appearance

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley has hit back at a Twitter user who criticised her appearance, with the RAW Women’s Champion simply laughing off the comment and calling the instigator a loser.

In a week where one of the women targetting her gold in Charlotte Flair has yet again had to brush off comments regarding her appearance, Rhea Ripley was targeted when another fan posted a side-by-side photo of Ripley in 2013 at a PWWA show, and this week at WrestleMania lifting the RAW Women’s Championship.

The ignorant comment, which ironically came from a Twitter user with no profile photo, asked the former NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion “what the HELL have you done to yourself” – before stating that Ripley looked “so much better in 2013, when she was only 16 years old, and disparagingly commenting on The Nightmare’s tattoos, piercings and hairstyle.

“Omg Ripley what the HELL have you done to yourself? you looked so much better in 2013! Get rid of this silly piercings and tattoos and grow out your hair girl”

Ripley, though, brilliantly brushed off the comments, simply responding, “HA! What a loser…” while sharing the tweet after many had tagged the RAW Women’s Champion and defended the 24-year-old.

Earlier this week, Charlotte Flair – who returned to RAW with a mic drop before attacking Ripley – responded to a troll saying, “Charlotte Flair looks like a stick figure drawn by a 3 yr old in that outfit.”

“Lord help me if I ever listen to a man’s opinion on how I should look.”

Ripley and Flair look set to be on a collision course one year removed from their WrestleMania clash for the NXT Women’s Championship, with The Queen interrupting The Nightmare’s first RAW Women’s Championship defence on the red brand against former champion Asuka this week.