Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio Attack Rey Mysterio At Thanksgiving Dinner [Video]

Dominik Mysterio Rhea Ripley

Things haven’t been well in the Mysterio household for months, with Dominik Mysterio turning to the dark side and joining Rhea Ripley in The Judgment Day at WWE Clash at the Castle. Since that time, he’s been goading his father Rey Mysterio to fight with him, but Rey refuses to fight his son. The elder Mysterio even switched brands and went to SmackDown to avoid confrontation with his son on Raw.

However, Dominik refuses to leave well enough alone, and a video posted on WWE‘s official social media shows him bringing Rhea Ripley to his father’s house during Thanksgiving dinner. As they approached the house, Dominik said that he couldn’t wait for Mami to try his mom’s cooking.

When his mother Angie opened the door, though, it was clear that the pair hadn’t been invited. She asked what he was doing there before going to get her husband, who told Dominik to leave, saying that this wasn’t the time for a confrontation. Rey Mysterio was wearing a boot as he’s currently dealing with a foot injury that caused him to be pulled from the WWE SmackDown World Cup earlier this month. He last competed on October 30th.

Dominik Mysterio And Rhea Ripley Attacked Rey Mysterio’s Already-Injured Foot

Unsurprisingly, The Judgment Day’s power couple refused to leave, and when Rey attempted to shut the door in their faces, Rhea forced her way into the house and began to attack the SmackDown star. After laying in some kicks and punches, Dominik showed Rhea some family photos before continuing the attack, breaking a photo of Rey and Dominik over his father’s already-injured foot.

Dominik then grabbed his father’s foot and dragged the WWE legend to a step, where he broke a broom over the foot as Rhea held Rey Mysterio down. Following the attack, Ripley snidely wished Rey a happy Thanksgiving, and Dominik said he thought the family liked her as they left Angie to tend to her injured husband.

While Dominik isn’t scheduled for a match at WWE Survivor Series, Rhea Ripley will compete inside WarGames alongside Bayley, Dakota Kai, IYO SKY, and Nikki Cross to take on the team of WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Mia Yim, and a mystery fifth partner who will be revealed on SmackDown.