Rhea Ripley Comments On Her Brutal Attack Of Beth Phoenix

Rhea Ripley

After giving Beth Phoenix a ferocious con-chair-to at WWE Extreme Rules, Rhea Ripley has finally spoken out on the matter. Unsurprisingly, the heel had no regrets regarding her actions.

Ripley didn’t even come close, throwing blame at Edge for making the Judgment Day faction cutthroat, saying that he was the reason why she showed no mercy and clipped Phoenix with a steel chair.

Since joining Judgment Day and transitioning into a more sinister character, Ripley’s career has been on an uptick, as well as her reputation of being ruthless.

Now, Ripley has broken her silence on the matter, taking to Twitter to comment on her attack on Phoenix:

“YOU @EdgeRatedR were the one that taught us to NEVER hold back.”

Later, Ripley would throw another tweet at Edge:

“@EdgeRatedR YOU named me the ERADICATOR, so that’s what I became… But before you I was always The NIGHTMARE. Sweet “dreams” @TheBethPhoenix”

During Rhea Ripley’s brutal assault on Beth Phoenix, Edge – who was also jumped by the entire Judgment Day stable – was forced to say “I quit,” giving the victory to Finn Balor at WWE Extreme Rules.