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Rhea Ripley Attacks Liv Morgan On Raw, Turns Heel

Liv Morgan Rhea Ripley

The partnership between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan is no more as Ripley attacked her partner on Raw!

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley have been teaming together in recent months, and tensions between the two began when they failed to capture the Women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 38. The next night on Raw, they challenged new champions Sasha Banks and Naomi, but were unsuccessful once again. After the match was over, Rhea walked away from Liv, leaving her upset and alone in the ring.

However, later that night, Ripley told her partner that in an attempt to alleviate the tensions between them, she’d asked WWE officials for another chance to face Sasha Banks and Naomi the next week. The match did not take place as announced, though, as Ripley was taken off the April 11th episode of Raw as WWE announcers stated she was “in protocol.” Instead, Liv Morgan was defeated by Naomi in singles action after she’d picked up a win over Sasha Banks on SmackDown.

The scheduled tag team match did take place on the April 18th episode of Raw, and yet again, Sasha Banks and Naomi retained. Near the end of the match, Morgan was taken out with a backstabber from Sasha, and without her partner there to break up the pinfall, Ripley was pinned by Sasha Banks.

After Naomi and Sasha left the ring in celebration, an upset Ripley asked Morgan why she wasn’t there to help, and Morgan tearfully tried to plead her case. However, Ripley’s anger boiled over and she laid out Liv Morgan, ending their partnership.

After a commercial break, Rhea refused to explain her actions to Sarah Schreiber backstage.

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Ezekiel beat a lie detector test to prove that he wasn’t Elias, and Sonya DeVille called out Bianca Belair but was thrown down for her trouble. Bianca was fined $1 for putting her hands on a WWE official.

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