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Rezar Of Authors Of Pain Recalls Confrontation With Baron Corbin

Akam & Rezar Authors of Pain

Rezar, one half of former WWE tag team Authors of Pain has recalled calling out Baron Corbin in front of fellow Superstars and backstage personnel.

Following a try-out in Dubai, Rezar, real name Gzim Selmani, signed with WWE in 2015. After initially working as a singles wrestler, the Dutch-born Superstar teamed with Sunny Dhinsa, who later became known as Akam.

The pair were given the name The Authors of Pain, and they began their climb through WWE’s ranks. Flanked by legendary manager Paul Ellering, the duo won the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before winning the NXT Tag Team Titles.

The powerhouses made the move to the main roster in April 2018, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships that November. The team suffered a stop-start next couple of years with each man suffering injury problems.

Reflecting on his time in WWE during a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Rezar recalled an altercation with Baron Corbin. The incident took place on a European tour, where it’s tradition that the newest members of the roster carry the crates of beer to the hotel. The newcomer was unaware of the tradition and was admonished by Corbin who called him “young boy.”

Not taking kindly to Corbin’s choice of words, Rezar said he fired back at the star immediately in front of their colleagues.

“‘You call me young boy in front of everybody? Are you serious?’ So I said, ‘Baron, come here, man,’ in front of the whole crowd,” said Rezar. “Everybody went quiet. I said, ‘Come here, are you seriously talking to me like this?’ He goes, ‘I apologize,’ this, that, right? ‘I didn’t mean to say it like that, but I did it [carried the beers], everybody does it…’”

Continuing on, the former Tag Team Champion said that he and his partner were treated differently after they won tag team gold on Raw.

“We were just cool, but people thought because we were new and we became Champions that we were gonna start turning into d***heads,” Rezar continued. “We didn’t, we were the nicest guys still as Champions. We don’t care if we’re Champions or not, obviously everybody knows the script, so we didn’t care. We saw a lot of people turn a different way once that happened.”

The Authors of Pain were released by WWE in September 2020, choosing to be with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.