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Why Rey Mysterio’s Family Were Refused Entry To A WrestleMania Party

Rey Mysterio

For the best part of two decades, Rey Mysterio has been part of WWE but now the story has been told as to why his family was once shut out of a WrestleMania after-party.

Former long-time WWE official Mike Chioda has discussed the long-held tradition of WrestleMania after-parties on an episode of Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda available via AdFreeShows.com:

“The after parties were cool depending on where you were. If you were in New York they stayed open late, till four in the morning, some of the guys wouldn’t get back until 12, 1 o’clock at night. The one that really opens my eyes was New Orleans because we’d stay out till six in the morning, stay at the party till four.”

“Some parties were really cool, some parties you get back and it’s last call at 1:30, 2 o’clock. They used to really set the parties up nice, with crab legs, shrimp, oysters, and all of that. Then it got cut down to fried food, then it got cut down to this and that.”

“As the years have gone on, the last few years the parties weren’t so great. The parties were kind of lame because you couldn’t even take your friends and family, you only had so many wristbands and you couldn’t take no more than two people in.”

Rey Mysterio has had his fair share of bouts at WrestleMania with none more famous than when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. Chioda then explained how after WrestleMania 35, Rey and his family were stopped from entering the party due to this wristband rule:

“A few years ago, at my last WrestleMania in New Jersey, at the end of the night, Rey Mysterio couldn’t get his family in. He didn’t have enough wristbands, that was just two, three years ago.”

“Rey Mysterio and I, we went out and bought bottles of Jack [Daniels], bought bottles of Vodka. Me and my wife, we went out with Rey, his wife, and his son Dominik. We went outside with Rey and stuff, and I was like Rey, I’ll go in, I’ll get a couple of wristbands, I’ll come back out to you and give them to them, and we’ll just bring everybody in.”

“There were a couple top people on the list, top people in the company that were like, no, you can’t get in if you don’t have the bands. It’s like, you’ve worked for the company for this many years and you’re telling me my family [can’t come in]? WrestleMania was supposed to be a big thing for you and your family, and it just became so difficult to have fun with the family even at the afterparty. It was very disappointing at times, definitely.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.