Rey Mysterio Claims WWE Roster “Still In Denial” That Vince McMahon Is Gone

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio says the WWE locker is “still in denial” about Vince McMahon’s retirement, but everyone is willing “to accept it.”

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon shocked the world when he announced his retirement on July 22nd. He not only left the business side of the company but also left his role as Head of Creative, a position now filled by Triple H.

There have been reports of WWE removing all references to McMahon backstage, including renaming his office. One superstar who says the former CEO’s departure still lingers backstage is Rey Mysterio.

Speaking to the media at the 2022 Leagues Cup Showcase, the luchador legend admitted that he did not expect McMahon to retire and that his presence still hovers over the locker room. Although many in the locker room seem to be in denial, Mysterio also said everyone knows the show must go on.

“None of us expected it. We still are in denial that he’s no longer there, but it is reality and we have to accept it. So we move on, we keep the show up and running.”

SmackDown wrestler Butch also mentioned that the feeling backstage after McMahon’s shocking announcement has been “normal.” The focus now appears on moving the company forward with new people such as Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in charge of everything. When asked about the corporate culture in WWE, Mysterio instead talked about the storylines involving himself and his son, Dominik.

“To be honest with you, I’m more worried about what’s happening with The Mysterios, and storylines and how do we make this product even better, you know? Everybody has their input, everybody has a little bit to give, come out on top and add the end of the day, entertain our fans.”

Rey Mysterio recently celebrated 20 years in WWE. The luchador legend and his son, Dominik, have been feuding with The Judgment Day on Raw. The father and son duo got an assist by a returning Edge this past weekend at SummerSlam; however, the Rated-R Superstar accidentally speared Dominik on Raw.

H/t – Fightful