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Rey Mysterio Reveals WrestleMania Moment He Wants To Happen Before Retirement

Rey Mysterio in WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Rey Mysterio has revealed the dream WrestleMania moment he wants to have before he hangs up his boots for the last time.

During his storied career, Rey Mysterio has had many WrestleMania moments, including winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22 and battling his friend Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania 21 in 2005. It was the latter match that kicked off the infamous feud between Guerrero and Mysterio that eventually resulted in a Ladder Match for the custody of Mysterio’s son, Dominik.

17 years later, Rey and Dominik are now wrestling as a tag team, with Dominik having been brought into WWE as part of a feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins back in 2020. Dominik was quickly made an official part of the WWE roster with he and his father becoming a successful tag team. So successful, in fact, that they became the first father and son duo to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships when they defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode at WrestleMania Backlash 2021.

However, despite their success so far, Rey Mysterio still has one dream he still wants to achieve with his son, and that is for the two to have a WrestleMania moment together. Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Mysterio said it’s definitely something he wants to happen.

“There is definitely a WrestleMania moment that has yet to be seen next to my son.”

The veteran high-flyer went on to explain that he wouldn’t have believed it was even a possibility a year ago, but now it is something he’s is putting out there.

“That is something that if you would have told me a year ago, that I was going to be able to share the ring with my son, let alone become tag-team champions ā€“ the first ever in WWE ā€“ I would have said, ‘get out of here'”

“But now things have just flourished and have manifested, Iā€™m putting this out in the world that I want to have a WrestleMania moment with my son before I end up hanging up the mask.”

With the Royal Rumble around the corner, a WrestleMania moment may be on the cards for at least one of the Mysterios, with both having been announced as entrants for the annual spectacular.