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Rey Mysterio Prevails For The Greater Good

Rey Mysterio Thumb

On the latest episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Rey Mysterio finally exorcised a demon and defeated Seth Rollins in the final bout of their seven month long rivalry.

Having called ‘The Greater Good’ a devil earlier in the broadcast and promising to send him back to where he came from, Mysterio and Rollins were booked in what WWE promised would be the final bout between the pair.

In an excellent outing which did both men and their elongated rivalry justice, Mysterio stopped Rollins from removing his one good eye when he countered a Stomp into the steel steps and Seth saw his world crumble when betrayal befell him with the appearance of Murphy.

Stabbing Rey in the eye with the leg of a steel chair, Rollins was stopped from going further by his disciple but refused to cease his sickening attack. Cracking Rollins with a running knee, Murphy set Seth up for a Mysterio frog splash for the victory.

After the match had concluded, the Mysterio family faced Murphy like a man and Rey gave the Australian his blessing. This was followed by Dominik and Angie Mysterio doing the same.

However, Murphy’s enmity with the former WWE Champion isn’t over. Backstage, Rollins demanded that Adam Pierce give him his former follower because he’s going to destroy him just as quickly as he made him.

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