Rey Mysterio Injury Update After SmackDown Match Stoppage

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio appeared to suffer a legitimate injury on the latest edition of WWE SmackDown

Mysterio was faced Santos Escobar to determine the number-one contender to the United States Championship on the July 28th edition of the show.

As the match continued during a commercial break, Escobar hit a dive to the floor on Mysterio, and the veteran’s head hit the floor. Once the show returned, Mysterio was shown being tended to by medical personnel, and the match was waved off, with Escobar being declared the winner.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided a positive update on the star, saying “he’s fine.”

“So, he’s fine. He had the match with Santos Escobar last night, and apparently something happened. I was told it was a move by Santos Escobar that knocked Rey silly, but he continued to wrestle.”

Stopping Rey Mysterio’s match was a “precautionary measure”

Going into more detail, Meltzer explained that the dive shown onscreen was just an excuse to end the match, as Mysterio was already dizzy from the previous move by Escobar.

“The dive was the excuse to call the match off, when he took the dive and they were tending to him and everything like that, they had already planned to stop the match.

“They stopped the match before the commercial break, but when they found out that he had already been dizzy from before. So he was selling a way to stop the match, was not actually knocked out there but he was dizzy before that. That’s what I was told about how it went down.”

Meltzer reports that stopping the match was a “precautionary measure” as it was unclear if Mysterio had a concussion at the time.

“I don’t think he had a concussion, if you watched it on TV it looked like he did, but it was a precautionary measure, they didn’t know. I’m told that he’s fine, so that’s good.

“It looked like it could’ve been scary when he was laying there because stopping a match due to injury’s a very rare thing in any of these companies, even at times it quite frankly should be done. It was stopped over the fear of a concussion, yeah.”

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