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Rey Mysterio Reveals He Has Started Stem Cell Treatment

Rey Mysterio in WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Rey Mysterio has shared that he and his son Dominik are both undergoing stem cell treatment. Mysterio hopes that it will allow him to live pain-free and “perform like he was 25 again”.

Rey Mysterio has not been seen on WWE TV since the Raw following WrestleMania 38 when he and Dominik were attacked by a debuting Veer Mahaan. The assault came after Dominik had been quickly defeated by The Miz. With Dominik gathering himself in the ring, Veer arrived on the scene to hand out some more punishment. He threw Rey to one side before locking in a modified Camel Clutch on Dominik to leave him laying.

This led to the announcement of a match between Rey Mysterio and Veer the following week, April 11th. However, the elder Mysterio was missing from the show, with Veer instead taking on and defeating Dominik in short order.

Following his absence, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Mysterio was suffering from an undisclosed medical issue, but could be back in a matter of weeks.

“He’s a medical issue, It’s not false advertising or they changed their mind. It was he was unavailable tonight. So they put Dominik in the place and Dominik just got destroyed. So, they could probably do Rey in a week or two.”

Now, Rey Mysterio has taken to Instagram to tell fans that he and Dominik have both undergone stem cell treatment.

“My boy @dominik_35 and I started our #StemCell treatment on Monday and today we had an incredible reception too the injections.

“Big thanks too the homie David y gracias al Dr. Vallejo por cuidarnos al……Tiene buena mano Doc!! #CPI 🇲🇽”

On his IV bag, Mysterio has written that he hopes the treatment will let him work pain-free and perform like he was 25 years old again.

“God bless these stem cells so they can do work and repair my body so I can live pain-free and perform like I was 25 again. RM 619.”

At the time of writing, it is unknown when Mysterio will return to WWE TV.