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Rey & Dominik Mysterio Feud Reportedly Happening Soon

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

It could be time for the Mysterios to make a change on Monday Night Raw as a feud between father Rey and son Dominik is imminent according to a new report.

All has not been well in the Mysterio household for some time as tension between Rey and Dominik surfaced while the duo were still a part of SmackDown.

A fresh start on Raw loomed for both men as part of the WWE Draft but things have taken a turn for the worst in recent weeks. On the 1st of November edition of Raw, Dominik Mysterio was ringside for Rey’s bout with Raw newcomer Austin Theory. During proceedings, Theory caught Dominik with a glancing dropkick which the younger Mysterio answered with a slap causing a disqualification loss for his father.

Both Rey and Dominik were named as part of Raw’s men’s Survivor Series team but WWE official Adam Pearce had other ideas on the latest edition of Raw. Citing the fact that the rest of Team Raw is made up of former world champions, Pearce pulled Dominik from the team, giving him a chance to reclaim his spot if he could defeat former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Lashley destroyed Dominik Mysterio in a little over five minutes, claiming the last place on Team Raw for himself.

Now Andrew Zarian has reported that a WWE source says the rumblings between Rey and Dominik are about to turn into a fully-fledged feud:

“Spoke with a source at WWE. The breakup and feud is happening soon”

With no sign of WWE taking it slowly, a break-up looks to be on the cards for the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions.