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Rey And Dominik Mysterio Crowned SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Father. Son. Holy tag team champions! Rey and Dominik Mysterio are the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions!

Rey Mysterio and his son and Dominik have become the first ever father and son team to win the Tag Team Championships in WWE history. However, it was far from plain sailing.

On the kick-off show, Dominik Mysterio was attacked by the champions leaving him unable to compete. Dominik was full of willing, but in the trainers room, a WWE doctor and his father Rey declared him unfit to take part in the match.

Rather than find a new partner, Rey Mysterio headed to the ring to face the champions alone. While Rey battled hard he was unable to gain any measure of control as the numbers game proved too much. That being said, the man who has made a career out of being the underdog, refused to quit.

With the elder Mysterio refusing to stay down, Dominik appeared and made his way gingerly down the ramp. While Rey was reluctant to tag in his son, Dominik eventually took matters into his own hands and tagged himself in. The match continued to swing back and forth, although the Mysterio’s struggled to maintain any momentum. But their never-say-die attitude kept them in the fight.

Eventually, Rey managed to hit the 619 on Roode before tagging in Dominik and jumping to the outside to take care of Ziggler. This allowed Dominik to hit the Frog Splash on Roode to make history.