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Revamp Planned By Ring Of Honor

A revamp is currently planned by Ring of Honor which will affect multiple areas of the promotion, as reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful. Speaking on the latest edition of Monday Night Live, Sapp revealed that the promotion is attempting to ‘do things differently’.

Sapp explained that rather than simply planning a revamp, ROH have been making changes throughout the past year. Production has been a key area which has undergone changes, as seen in the Pure Title Tournament. Sapp praised the changes, stating that “the production is drastically improved over what it was.”

Perhaps less noticeable to fans is a key change to the booking of the women’s division. Sapp revealed that “Jonathan Gresham took over the women’s division at the beginning of the year” and that the division is due to undergo a revamp as well. The division, according to Sapp, was already going to be revamped with a tournament. Though still planned, this will now take place “a little bit later in the year.”

Sapp was unable to provide an update on Ring of Honor head booker Marty Scurll at this time.

Throughout his discussion of the promotion, Sapp made clear that Ring of Honor greatly welcomes feedback from their roster. He stated that “Ring of Honor specifically has taken heavy feedback from wrestlers over the last year to implement changes.” Furthermore, around a year ago they flew in all of their talent to HQ to seek their feedback on how to improve the product, which Sapp described as receiving ‘rave reviews’ from the roster. He went on to say that within a few months of this meeting “they’d implemented dozens of changes.”

With morale improving throughout the promotion it comes as little surprise that they have attracted high profile stars to the promotion such as EC3.