A Little Bit Of The Bubbly Return Confirmed By AEW

The return of Chris Jericho’s ‘A Little Bit of the Bubbly’ wine has been confirmed by AEW.

After a successful launch last year, the “sparkling wine for all demos” is back. AEW’s previous limited run of the beverage inspired by Jericho’s catchphrase sold out completely in record time, selling over 10,000 bottles in the first two days after launch.

Returning with “the same great taste, and a shiny new look”, the 100% Ultra-Premium American Sparkling Wine is available in partnership with Nocking Point Wines. ‘The best-looking sommelier in the free world’ is listed as a consulting winemaker for the popular product.

The news comes less than a month after WWE unveiled their range of legends-themed wine. The company teamed with Wines That Rock to create two limited edition wines featuring The Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior. WWE have asked customers to vote on who should feature in the next wine range.

The price difference between the products is noticeable as WWE’s wine retails at $50 per bottle, whilst you can “drink what ‘The Demo God’ drinks” for $48 for two bottles.

After doing battle in the Wednesday night wars, AEW and WWE will now have competing products in the wine market. Whether or not Jericho’s sparkling wine will continue to be a success in the key 18-49 demographic remains to be seen; they did not previously have such a direct competitor.

The return of ‘A Little Bit of the Bubbly’ is not a permanent return and supplies are once again limited. Customers are urged to “get it before it’s gone, because last year sold out.”

On sale now, you can get your ‘Little Bit of the Bubbly’ “in time for all of the remaining holiday celebrations of 2020” here.