RETRIBUTION Turn On Mustafa Ali After Defeat To Riddle


RETRIBUTION looks to have turned their backs on leader, Mustafa Ali who was given the High Justice by T-BAR and Mace at the Fast Lane PPV.

Following his loss to Matt Riddle on the Fast Lane PPV pre show for the United States Championship, Ali as has become common recently, tried to place the blame on his RETRIBUTION members, Reckoning, Slapjack, Mace and T-BAR.

Riddle hit Ali with a Super Bro-Derick from the top rope to take the victory after a close-fought acrobatic contest between the pair. Mustafa Ali was not best pleased with the outcome, summoning his RETRIBUTION buddies into the ring.

It was Reckoning who first stepped “out of line” to confront Ali, turning her back and exiting the ring. Slapjack followed seconds later. As Ali screamed at the remaining two (the largest two too, not so clever Mr Ali), Mace and T-BAR had heard enough and delivered a powerful High Justice (double choke-slam) to their leader.

Mustafa was revealed as RETRIBUTION’s leader in October 2020, and since, has struggled to keep his group out of the losing column. This, clearly, the final straw for the members who up until recently had taken his verbal assaults all too often on the chin.

With WrestleMania just weeks away, where does this leave RETRIBUTION? Is it over? Will the men (and woman) behind the masks finally be revealed? Speculation is running wild on who the masked wrestlers are, we haven’t heard from CM Punk for some time? Perhaps it’s a returning Andrade? Could it be…Savio Vega?

Follow us on the road to WrestleMania here at Inside The Ropes to see if we’ll ever find out!