Recently Retired Independent Star Thanks Cody Rhodes For Giving Him A Platform

Cody Rhodes

The pro wrestling business can be an unforgiving, yet wild venture – just ask Cody Rhodes.

The American Nightmare has certainly carved his own unprecedented path in the industry and that hasn’t gone unnoticed from both established legends and hopeful upstarts. However, the business can take a cruel turn and someone who had to come to such a realization was independent talent Megabyte Ronnie.

Ronnie unfortunately had to announce his retirement from the squared circle in May due to a back injury. He took to social media to deliver a farewell message to the business made a point to shout-out Rhodes, who happened to help open the door for him to work a match on AEW Dark.

“Cody Rhodes: There probably is no chance you read this, but what most don’t realize is the only reason I got to wrestle on Dark is because of the connection we made doing ‘Hot Ones’, thank you for giving me a platform for that allowed me to showcase myself.”

Who Else Has Cody Rhodes Helped In Wrestling?

Much like his late father before him, Cody happened to open doors for a lot of aspiring young talent in the industry, particularly in AEW. One of Rhodes’ closest friends is “Absolute” Ricky Starks who always makes an effort to thank Rhodes for his helping hand. Much like Ronnie, Starks first got his opportunity in AEW during the pandemic era after Rhodes took notice Ricky’s strong social media presence. Another big AEW name to benefit from Cody is Jade Cargill who gave him high praise not just as a wrestler, but a human being.

“He’s a great person. He’s a great individual. He was very much in my corner. He’s a great guy. He’s a phenomenal father. He stepped into new shoes. He’s a phenomenal father. He’s a phenomenal person in general, and he was one of the people that went to bat for me, for a lot of things.”

H/t to Fightful