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Report On Why Randy Orton Vs. Braun Strowman Match Was Scrapped

Braun Strowman Randy Orton

A new report has shone a light on why the advertised Randy Orton vs. Braun Strowman match scheduled for Raw was scrapped.

The match would have been the first one-on-one match between Orton and Strowman however by the time Raw began the match had been pulled. This was to follow the two men being part of the number contender match for the WWE Championship the previous week. That triple threat match was won by former champion Drew McIntyre.

Instead of the one-on-one match, Randy Orton faced former US Champion Riddle after Riddle interrupted The Viper backstage. Riddle had tried to convince Orton to form a new tag team named RKBro. Riddle eventually won the match with a crucifix pin after Orton went for his RKO.

Strowman And McIntyre Unmask T-Bar And Mace

Braun Strowman ended up involved in Drew McIntyre’s ongoing story with The Hurt Business. After the allusion that MVP was connected with T-BAR and Mace on the previous week, McIntyre faced the two former RETRIBUTION members. That handicap match ended in disqualification causing Strowman to come to the Scotsman’s aid. The match then restarted as a tag team match that also ended in disqualification when McIntyre and Strowman unmasked T-BAR and Mace.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, the Orton vs. Riddle match had already been changed prior to the pre-show production meeting. No explanation was offered for the change of direction in the report. There is also no word yet if either of the changes is going to lead to longer-term programs.

The report also noted that due to the nature of the change and the timescale involved, it is believed that Vince McMahon made the decision to scrap the match.

Orton and Strowman both came away with big wins at WrestleMania 37. Strowman defeated Shane McMahon in a cage match on WrestleMania Saturday. On WrestleMania Sunday, Randy Orton defeated The Fiend Bray Wyatt after interference from Alexa Bliss.