Renee Paquette On Vince McMahon Laughing At Her For Needing To Urinate

Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette has recalled a time she found Vince McMahon laughing at her when she was so desperate to pee that her “teeth were floating”.

Renee Paquette worked for WWE – where she was known as Renee Young – for almost a decade from 2012-2020. During that time, she held positions as a backstage interviewer, pre-show host, and later a commentator for NXT and then Raw.

It was during her time on WWE’s flagship three-hour show that she found herself in need of the bathroom with no opportunity to go.

Recalling the situation on the latest edition of her podcast, The Sessions with Renee Paquette, she explained that, to make matters worse, her colleagues Michael Cole and Corey Graves deliberately started talking about water as much as possible.

“I actually remember one time when I was doing commentary and we were deep in the third hour of Raw. My teeth are floating, I had to pee so so bad.

“So every commercial break I am white-knuckling it and like ‘Guys I am dying to pee.!’ Cole and Graves are passing their water back and forth, they are talking about rivers and lakes.

When she was finally able to go after the show, Paquette revealed that she found former WWE President Vince McMahon backstage laughing about the whole thing.

“As soon as the show is done I am tearing through Gorilla and Vince is like ‘Ha Ha Ha!’ He loved that I was holding it in all this time.”

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