Renee Paquette On A Possible Future In AEW

Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette has discussed her future plans and if they involve AEW. Speaking in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, the former Renee Young joked that wrestling could be in her future:

“Yeah, I dunno, maybe I’ll wrestle Brandi, and then our kids will wrestle, who knows?!”

Paquette would go on to elaborate:

“That’s the thing too, you look at AEW and I think everything they’re doing is fantastic. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do something there, I for sure would if the right thing came up. But it’s not the thing that I’m chasing down. I think my time in WWE was so great and my time in wrestling has been so great but I don’t want to have that be the only thing that I do. I don’t want to pigeon hole myself as just being the ‘wrestling girl.’ I’ll always have that in my wheelhouse and have that be a thing that I lean on but I think there are so many other things that I want to do. I think just going right to working in another wrestling company would sort of take away from my whole purpose of wanting to walk away.”

Paquette’s husband, Jon Moxley left WWE at the end of his contract in April 2019. The following month he made his dramatic AEW debut at the Double Or Nothing event. Paquette continued in her role as a commentator before switching to hosting the WWE Backstage show.

Renee Paquette announced at SummerSlam 2020 that she was leaving WWE and that would be her swansong for the company. Currently, she hosts her own podcast – ‘Oral Sessions’ where recently she revealed how WWE sent her to classes to help get rid of her Canadian accent. She is also the author of her own cookbook – ‘Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Drinking Copiously.’

Jon Moxley announced that he and Renee are expecting a baby during a promo on AEW Dynamite. Paquette has since confirmed that the couple is expecting a girl.

Credit to Chris Van Vliet for the interview.